Food For Thought Summary

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Americans has there own techniques and style when it comes to food. They know when and how to draw people to their food choices starting from there decorations, to the proportion giving to the customers and most importantly their cheap menu. Food for thoughts, written by Shona Sequeira is a visitor to the United states who has attended college for a few years. During her stay in the U.S., she compared American food to other places she has traveled to like parts of Europe and far east, and she points out how Americans has no type of “Cuisine” at all. Sequeira believes that instead of cuisine we have many kind of junk food that not only is unhealthy but emphasizes our unhealthy habits. She implies that we do not have much that is special even though we have a lot of it.…show more content…
The American diverse Culture allow many different people from all over the world, to bring in their style and ingredients to show off what they have as a cuisine. Sequeira believes that Americans has their own unparalleled variety of food. She believes that American style of food is very unique and comes in different forms and ways that people from other countries has never seen befor. Although American food are delicious as it's shown, she point out how unhealthy it is and how each activity americans do has its own food type.For example; hot dog for ball parks, ramen noodles for college kids and cup of soup for busy office workers. Throughout Sequeira’s essay, she tries to be sarcastic by making statements of what might be cuisine to us Americans. She points out how Americans have different choices to choose from with their own twist and turns. Evan though the choices are unhealthy, it satisfies America to their needs. Sequeira states that no one can get discriminated against one different bases such as race, creed or body types so the americans are what they eat basically making front of
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