Effective Communication: The Importance Of Diversity In The Workplace

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It is a clear indication that unless the organization ensures that effective communication is achieved by the employees, workplace diversity can become a challenging idea. In a workplace that is diverse, an employee should put into consideration about other's beliefs and cultural background as well as race. This means that an employee cannot freely crack jokes about a certain ethnic group, for instance, Philippines or Chinese (Shen, Tang, & D'Netto, 2014, pg. 1721). This may not be acceptable and not everyone will consider it as a joke. It is a clear indication that it is difficult and sensitive for people to state their opinions freely in the workplace or even tell stories whenever they feel like because they fear being misjudged by others as discriminating. This means that it is not only effective communication that can be considered as a disadvantage in the workplace that puts into consideration diversity but freedom of speech as well. During the recruitment process in organizations, companies consider a factor of…show more content…
Hiring people from different and a diverse society means that different ideas are brought together and this can be of much importance to the organization. This means that the organization puts into consideration a sense of gender balance and equal representation within the establishment. Diversity also has some limitations in the company because not everyone in the company may welcome it and this is where hatred and division come in. People start forming groups according to their ethnicity and cultures and this may have adverse effects on the organization's progress and productivity. The establishment may want to fulfill an idea of gender balance or as well as affirmative action which may also result in the recruitment of incompetent employees in the company. Multiculturalism and diversity should be weighted in any

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