Film Analysis Of The Movie Soldier's Home

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Soldier’s Home: Recommended Soldier’s Home is a great film that talks about the harshness of living for those that came back from the battle zone, and how war can change people’s characteristics that would affect the relationships with the ones they are close to. There were different methods that helps the audience understand the story easier as well. The way that this movie uses sound and music throughout the movie. Also, this movie was mostly straight forward without complicated scenes which helps us, the audience, easier to understand the story without really needing to think hard to find out what a certain certain scene is referring to. This movie is an easily understood film that shows the important problems some people have had after World War 1 has ended. In Soldier’s Home, the main character, Harold Krebs, goes through a hard time to get along with the current society after he…show more content…
What I mean with this is that this movie does not use hard and complex references, where people needs to think about it while watching different scenes at the same time, but to simply and directly give the idea of what the movie is trying to tell the audience. By looking at the actions Krebs take, it is easy to find out that he wants a simple and no-complex problem life, but at the same time, his minds are changed from before the war, which had meant that he thinks of himself not being able to love or pray anymore. All he wants to do is to have a relaxing simple living and play without working because he does not want to connect with others. This fact can be seen at the scenes where he tries to finish the conversation fast when he was talking to a man on the way home where the man starts to invite Krebs to his workplace. It is sort of ironic because Krebs is wanting a simple life, where as the movie is presented the the audiences without complex

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