Ecology Essay: Why Wolves Are Important To Our Environment

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Ecology Essay: Wolves This essay is about the ecology of wolves. Its going to explain basics like their whole family tree and their environment. I’m also going to talk about genetics, ecosystem, food web, and anything about what has to do with them. Wolves may seem not as important to our environment but they are. I’m going to explain how and why I say they are important. Where do wolves live? Wolves live out in the wild like forest, swamps, prairies, mountains, deserts, and anywhere that is big enough for them to be free. Most of wolves live in cold environments which explains there thick furry coats. Wolves that live in hot temperatures are different from those who live in cold areas. The ones that live in hot temperatures body’s are use to hot climates and can’t take the cold…show more content…
Wolves are carnivores, which means they eat anything with meat. Wolves eat any type of fish, deer, moose, small rabbits, foxes, etc. They have no predators because they are predators. They eat any animal they can catch and kill. There food webs consist of them eating for example deer, rabbits, moose, and elk and they eat any plant or grass. Although they don't have to worry about predators, they do have to worry about their prey resisting and fighting back for their lives. They can get hurt while hunting down their prey, For example the animals can kick, or bite back and can get hurt or injured, in some cases they can die if it’s one against a certain pack. Now, something I didn’t state was the number of types of species wolves there are in the world. There is 3 official species and one specie that scientist are still debating about just because some believe that some are related. The official 3 are the red wolves, gray wolves, and ethiopian wolves. They think the ethiopian wolf is related to the gray wolf, just because they have common characteristics. The gray wolves have about 40 subspecies in

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