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BARF DIET FOR DOGS Raw dog foods still raise a lot of questions, despite their wide popularity. Many dog owners simply love the idea of dog food recipes made with fresh, organic ingredients such as fruits, veggies raw meat and bone. Until two decades ago, raw dog foods were delicacies served only to racing greyhound and sled dog breeds. A proposition to serve the raw dog food to other recipes was first put forth by Ian Billinghurst, an Australian veterinarian. He envisioned the potential benefits that dogs would be conferred upon when placed on ancient diets supplied by mother nature in the wild. He proposed the formula as a better alternative to grain-filled processed dog food. He termed his conception the BARF diet or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. The main ingredients of the diet are raw meaty animal parts and fresh cuts of fruits and veggies. However, a number of quarters, including the FDA, contravene the nutritional basis of the conception. They base their counter-arguments on the well-documented risks associated with raw diets.…show more content…
It’s advisable to shape recreational bones in a way that best suits your dog’s particular size in order to minimize the possibility of accidents occurring from its usage. There have been several attempts to commercialize the production of raw dog food. These attempts have brought about frozen, freeze-dried and combination processed raw dog foods. These wholesome foods are often put together by grocery store owners who hand-select ingredients like fresh leaves of veggies and raw meat to put together recipes. The general consensus is to feed dogs with fresh meaty bone twice weekly. You can also serve ground up bones along with regular meals to ensure the dog takes in balanced amounts of calcium and phosphorous contents. Nonetheless it’s always best to seek out the advice of a veterinarian in preparing raw dog

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