Causes Of Floods In Dhaka Essay

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Water is a valuable source that the world needs. Water is essential to our life - solving our thirst problem, helping us survive, cleaning our bodies, recharging our body and helping us produce food. According to scientist 70% of our body mass is water. Water is starting to be limited and sooner or later we will be paying a lot more for water or fighting over it. Dhaka, Bangladesh is improving but there’s a lot of work that still needs to be done such as protection from tropical storms, coastal flooding prevention, more agriculture for income and ways to get fresh water. Tokyo, Japan has a different problem; the city has lack of water intake, around water pollution and supply. Tampa, Florida has common but major problems that can be solved…show more content…
In an average year 18% of the land is submerged under water. South Asia’s great rivers run through run through Bangladesh, Dhaka just so happens to be in the middle surrounded by the rivers taking in 300cm+ of water. The causes of floods are tectonic uplift in the Himalayas, monsoon rainfall, 3 massive rivers, cyclones and ice from mountain peaks. There is no way to prevent Mother Nature, however there is a solution, a flood action plan, a system of huge embankments along the coast and rivers reinforced by concrete. These increase channel capacity and hydraulic radius but stops floods from replenishing fields and rain water escaping into fields. Improving drainage canals would also help as…show more content…
Also streams and wetlands are in danger due to loopholes in the Clean Water Act. Environment Florida is figuring out ways to close loopholes to protect Florida water ways. Unfortunately are pressuring the Environmental Protection Agency to back down, if not they will press charges. To resolve Tampa’s water pollution, people need to learn that there is water in stake and don’t hesitate to take action. Building coalitions, educating policy makers and informing the media would help drastically and increase

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