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Ashlynn Ford 8B Vandling Civics/History FBI:BAU Special Agent This assignments purpose is to help students get an idea of what they want their careers to be. I did some deep research and determined the career that interests me the most is a type of profession involving crime. I had a variety of choices, DEA, SWAT, Police, Detective, etc. But I decided the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) would suit me best. Within the FBI there is a unit called the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit), this unit is separated into four smaller units. Cyber Crime, Terrorism, Crimes against Children, and Crimes against Adults. The unit I would like to go into is Crimes against Adults, this unit handles Abductions, Homicides, and Serial Sprees all regarding adults. The BAU consists of FBI profilers that use their knowledge in Behavioral Science and Criminal Justic3 to make a psychological, physical, and visual profile of the criminal. Which leads the essay to a very important topic, education. To be a BAU field agent I must first must graduate High School and obtain a four year college degree and have at least three years of professional work experience in my field or major. If I have a graduate degree my work experience is reduced to two years.…show more content…
First, I must pass a psychological and Knowledge test. I also have to be a U.S. citizen and be at least 23 years of age. Then, there are physical requirements that need to be met. Which is why when I become a new agent they'll ship me off to FBI Academy. The FBI Academy is located in Quantico Virginia and spans over 547 acres, this is where I will learn how to use weapons, make the proper decisions in deadly situations, save hostages, learn driving techniques, and more, FBI Academy is also where they make the final decision of if I'm fit for the job or not which means my career balances on a thin

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