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I. Introduction The 21th century is the age of science and engineering. Along with the born and sharp increase of modern technology, we also recognize that people are constantly developing more hack technology against systems. This provide hacker with a bigger opportunity and bigger challenge. Over the days hacking are becoming unstoppable. The effect of hacking computer are numerous, some are trivial while others have caused serious damaged. For this terrible situation to stop and because of computer is my passion, I choose this topics. Hopefuly, through the essay, reader will be provided with knowledge covering the influence of computer hacking and the way how society tried to minimize those effects. Because of lack knowledge in this scope,…show more content…
Viruses are the most common computer attackers. It is also a tool of hacker to break into, steal or destroy your computer. Spyware is a kind of software that is specifically designed to infect your computer and spy on you. Spam is incredibly annoying when you're bombarded with emails and ads that you have no interest in whatsoever (Jessica Drew 2014). 2. Computer hacking situation. Computer are becoming more and more useful in our activities. Nowadays almost people has this modern device and internet connection. Student need computer for they study, adults use it for finding a work, pay a bills, earning money, entertainment and more. Although the goal for personal, public, business or government, computer security is one of the list on the top most must haves. Computer security have many different systems: Internet and Network Security, Standalone Computer Security,... But are there real safety for us with these security? Not at all, hacker can breaking into everything. We must be aware. In 2003, hacker-created computer viruses alone cost businesses $55 billion—nearly double the damage they inflicted in 2002 (Security Stats, 2004). In 2000 the total cost of all hack attacks to the world economy was estimated at a staggering $1.5 trillion (PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2000). That is several simple statistics to show us computer hacking have been

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