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Many a times, how people perceive the term “crisis” is when somebody gets into an accident, facing a difficult circumstance in life or even when someone who has come in contact with a traumatic incident. Yes, crisis is caused by the examples given above. However, the definition of the term “crisis” refers to how someone actually reacts to that certain situation in life and how it has affected the person psychologically. Circumstances in life can be so crippling that someone would not be able to approach it and that may lead to stress and trauma, which may cause mental illness. It is important for the person to be attended to by a crisis interventionist to receive assistance and to calm the situation before it gets escalated. When someone is…show more content…
A crisis interventionist is there to provide support to people who are in a state of crisis. Short-term intervention is provided to guide clients in dealing with the repercussion of the situation. The role of a crisis interventionist is also to help clients recuperate their sense of safety, their original function as themselves and to avoid any potential psychological disorders. A need to follow up with clients who have just recovered or is recovering is important. Because they are still psychologically vulnerable which means, there are possibilities for them to go into a transcrisis state, which we want to avoid clients going into that state. Another role is to provide advocacy services for those who have just been met with a natural disaster or even being homeless and have no basic supplies for living. (Miller, 2014). Basically, it is really to guide clients in correcting their affective, behavioral and cognitive twists caused by distressing events. The 7 step model of crisis intervention is, predispositioning, problem exploration, providing support, examining alternatives, re-establishing control, obtaining commitment and follow-up. The 7 step model need not be in a systematic order, the crisis interventionist has to assess the client before deciding on what type and kind of action he should take to

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