Neil C. Rowe's Argument Against Cyber Warfare

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A new kind of war has been developing in the 21st Century. It is very different from the mass conflicts of World War I and World War II, when countries mobilized millions of armed troops and immense industrial resources. Wars have gotten smaller, but one could argue that they are even more vicious than they were in the past. With the advancement of technology, straightforward invasions of countries have become less common, and tactics such as cyber warfare have been employed. Neil C. Rowe argues in his Ethics of Cyberwar Attacks that “offensive cyber warfare raises serious ethical problems for societies, problems that need to be addressed by policies”, but there are flaws in his argument. The fact of the matter is current international law does not specifically apply to cyber warfare and it meets the principles under the just war theory. This essay will summarize and explain both Rowe’s arguments against and the stronger arguments in favor of cyber warfare. Despite what countless cyber warfare opponents such as Rowe believe, cyber warfare is not only ethical, but necessary as well. Before dividing into arguments for and against cyber warfare, it is necessary to explain…show more content…
Networks and computers play a vital role in almost every aspect of our lives. Most businesses, organizations, and government agencies use computers so frequently that their daily operations would be significantly delayed if their computer systems or the network were hampered. Although the increase of technology enhances the ability of these groups to conduct numerous activities in effective and efficient ways, it does not come without susceptibilities. In such a technologically-advanced environment, cyber warfare is essential. Cyber warfare is becoming widespread throughout the world and although we determined it to be ethical, there is a need for additions to international law, so that the effects of cyber warfare can be limited during a time of

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