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Introduction This project will inform you on what is communication and ways of which communication flow. It talks about verbal and non-verbal communication and effective communication; it gives an insight on the cycle of communication and the channel of communication. Communication is a broad spectrum of details but this project gives the main points on communication. Work place communication is very important it is also listed in this project it give a brief explanation of what is work place communication and why it is important for a organization. Acknowledgement I wouldn’t be able to have completed this assignment without the aid of Rockfort VTC labs. My instructor miss brooks also played a part in my finishing of this assignment thirdly I would like to acknowledge to my fellow classmate who provided me with information. But most of all I would like to thank God for granting my life. What is communication? Communication is the transfer of information, idea or thoughts from one person to the other through various mediums either by a non¬-verbal interaction, verbal contact, writing letters, voicemail, Art and dance. The communication process is a cycle it starts with the sender the sender encodes the message which is received by the receiver,…show more content…
It aids in helping you to communicate even negative or difficult messages without creating conflict or destroying trust. Effective communication consist of listening to the person who is speaking, wait for them to finish and give an appropriate feedback, have an open mind to what the person is saying, remove all barriers, be openly welcome to have a conversation, etc. Effective communication is needed in our everyday life weather it’s at home or in the work place; it makes communicating a lot more easily and lower the risk of conflicts or

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