Holocaust Narrative In Maus

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Maus is written in the rather unconventional form of a graphic novel. Is this format an effectivemeans of telling a Holocaust narrative? How might it differ from a more conventional Holocaustnarrative?Maus is portrayed as your everyday novel in which you can find a relate to like others i’ve readgrowing up. It's more of a cruel book with harsh irony that will catch the eye of the audience atany giving moment. Not only that it’s created as a graphic novel which people of all ages canunderstand. The beginning of the book starts off like the traditional novel would, starting off slow and beginto lead to the climax . But then it turn into Vladek back story who is Artie's dad. It is the early1930s in Czestochowa, Poland. Vladek is young and handsome,…show more content…
Hearrives first at his parents' house. His mother looks ill; she will die from cancer within a fewmonths”. Most conventional Holocaust narrative will have a nice beginning then, have a dramatic climaxfrom when the person is at a concentration camp then to when he got out . And it’ll usually endlike how most of those narratives would. A person either finding happiness in his life andstarting over , or someone be forever traumatized from his/ her experience. But in Maus itscreated like a comic book which make it a little more interesting, not saying those others aren’t.Also in the comic , mice are represented as jews because they less superior to Germans who arerepresented throughout the story as cats. But that isn’t the only thing that make them different .In the novel Vladek doesn’t stop going through things that will affect him forever. There’s thispart in the book in which Vladek wife will kill herself , that will make Artie drift away from hisfamily and make him feel lonely. Not only that but Vladek lost his first son Richieu and i thinkthat what made Vladek act the way he does now. At the end of the book Vladek would bechecked into a hospital but he would eventually leave and go against what the doctor had toldhim to do. This will make Artie visit him and they get on the plane to New York , becauseVladek can’t be left alone. As you can tell the graphic novel differ from the average Holocaust narrative just by it’s set upalone , not even getting into depth with the story. But getting into the story there’s constant upand down, it’s not there’s a actual happy ending it’s like a never ending rollercoaster. Somehowthere's always a new

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