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P5 Task 1: I selected Heineken as my global Dutch company because Heineken operates in different parts of the world but Heineken has his headquarters located in the Netherlands. Heineken is active in more than 178 countries and is one of the biggest breweries in the world. Next to the beer, Heineken is also the biggest cider producer in the world. Heineken has nearly 70.000 employees. Describe how two different economic environments (for example, economic environments in the Netherlands and the US) affect each of two differently located branches in their business activities. The types of issues you will need to describe are: • the economic environment (for example, recession, rising demand and so on) facing the two differently located…show more content…
In this graph it is expressed in %. The % depence on how much a country borrows. In the graph you can see how much the Netherlands and America has to pay in %. You can actually see the lines are nearly the same. The one from the Netherland is just lower than the one from America. That’s probably because America has a way much bigger economy. There are some differences like in 2013 the Netherland borrowed more money than America, probably because in that time the economy was not that good or the value of the euro was not good. • the changes in GDP and in demand in the economies studied and how the changes in GDP and in demand affect the two differently located branches. P6 Examine how your chosen organisations are affected by changes in their political, legal and social environments. You will need to describe: • How 5 political factors are impacting upon the two organisations you have chosen and their stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers, owners, trade unions, employer associations, local and national communities and governments), using appropriate facts and figures. As a company you have to think of loads of different rules and laws, you can think of; • Waste • waste, prevention and animal waste • Wastewater • General operation and maintenance •…show more content…
These criticism comes forward due separated parties like employees. These people can use the media to get their rights. Sometimes the criticism lead to new legislation. Organisation are part of the society. The society is more than what happened inside the companies. Friends, family, sport and hobbies are also very important for people. The basic needs of the society like air, food and water are coming out of the nature just as energie and raw materials for houses, transport, beer and other products. In the end all kind of organisations are focusses more on the

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