Great Depression Nazis Essay

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Essay in History How significant was the Great Depression for the Nazis? Since the end of the World War 2, people have discussed how important was the Great Depression for the Nazis, in their luck in Germany. I consider the Great Depression to be one of the biggest factors, which ultimately led to Hitler and the Nazis taking over Germany, as it was one of the most pivotal events in the 20th century. In spite of the Great Depression playing a vital role in the rise of Nazism, there were, however other equally important things that influenced the fortunes of the Nazis, such as the treaty of Versailles, Reichstag fire, Nazi party skills etc., I will consider these in the assessment of the significance of the Depression for Nazis. Before the…show more content…
The depression allowed the Nazis to remain continually popular with many people throughout the 1930s. They addressed the problems of unemployment, starvation etc., these were the things that made the German people feel gratitude towards the Nazis, and this was the main reason Hitler was then later able to break the Treaty of Versailles- rearming, taking back Ruhr etc., he had the support of the people of Germany, who overlooked his “flaws”. “The ranks of the Nazi party were filled with young people. Those serious people joined did so because they were for social justice, or against unemployment. There was a feeling of restless energy about the Nazis. You constantly saw the Swastika painted on the sidewalks or found them littered with pamphlets put out by the Nazis, I was drawn by the feeling of strength about the party, even though there was much in it that was highly questionable” said a Northeim housewife. Nazis used massive amount of effective propaganda, which led them to power after Great Depression. In the propaganda they expressed how bad the Weimar government was, showing what the Nazis can offer the people in comparison to Weimar. Moreover, other countries were too busy building up their countries, as they were still healing from the economical damage what the depression created, scared of the threat of Nazis they started appeasement, and Hitler was able to get away with braking the treaty, and later even taking over some countries. All of this was done thanks to the Great
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