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You may have wondered why you need a blaring alarm system in your car, especially if you have been getting by with just locking the doors. Locking your car doors may seem enough now, perhaps because you live in a laid-back neighborhood; but the same cannot be said for unsecured places. And you never know where you might go with your car. Those blaring alarm systems are actually a quick way to signal a car owner about an attempted intrusion, especially when every other means fails. And even if you are not close by, the noise alone can deter any thief from further attempts on your car. Clearly, a car alarm is worth every dime and effort that you can put in, however securing your car is beyond installing an alarm system. The auto aftermarket manufacturers now offer additional components that do a great job of securing cars and car accessories. Some of the top picks are the smartphone integration system, the car DNA tracking system and even the ignition blocker that can easily turn off your car's ignition from afar using a remote. Of course there are still many others, and all of them are high-tech car security systems from out of this world.…show more content…
This time, the risk is theft. Your stereo, alloy wheels and even head units are easy targets; and in the worst case scenario you may come back to your car only to find it gone. But this can be prevented. Simple anti-theft devices for easy targets such as the wheel lock and the audio anti-theft codes can go a long way in keeping your car parts safe. More complex security systems on the other hand do a great job of preventing intrusion by alerting you and triggering the alarm when someone as much as bumps into your car. Even without the alarm, an engine lock or an ignition kill switch is also effective for preventing theft. HOW A CAR SECURITY

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