Stereotypes In The Movie Crash

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In anyone’s life they will come across others who are from a different culture, background or ethnicity than them but yet they are each equal individuals, all humans no matter the race or lifestyle. It is hard to believe that in just a thirty-six hour period a group of people’s lives in Los Angeles could be so intertwined and heavily impacted. In someone’s everyday life they are faced with many choices. Some made consciously and others made unconsciously, choices are often made in an instant without even realizing it. The sad part of those choices made is that they often can be hurtful. Within the movie Crash racism, prejudice and stereotyping are a part of these characters everyday lives. All of these being things often overlooked as if they never happen, but in reality it is all around us everyday.…show more content…
In the movie Crash stereotyping occurs on more than one occasion. One of the first incidents being when the white wealthy couple is walking to their car, the wife pulls herself closer to her husband for safety when she sees two young black men in the distance. She automatically stereotypes those black men as dangerous “gangbangers” which she thought she was slick in her movement to be closer to her husband. The two black men begin to discuss the white woman’s actions and one of them is very frustrated because he feels as if everyone in his life that he encounters stereotypes him as the gang banging type. Something that threw me off as a viewer of this movie is directly after he chats about being stereotyped a certain way that he does not like, he goes and car jacks the wealthy

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