Free Range Parenting Argumentative Analysis

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For this exploratory essay I chose to inform you on a topic about Free Range Parenting. Free Range Parenting is letting a child learn to be independent without adult supervision. This issue was in the new the past 6 months about a married couple letting their 6 year old daughter and their 10 year old son walk to the park without adult supervision. Not knowing their neighbor called the police and their kids were held by an officer. A couple hours later they were notified by the police on the where about of the children. They were not allowed to speak with the children or take them until they spoke with child protective services, later being charged with unsubstantiated child neglect. In this essay I am going to cover the perspectives of the parents in the story, other parent’s point of view, and the view of law enforcement and child…show more content…
The officer told his supervisors and contacted child protective services. The officer had to contact another CPS officer for instructions. More than two hours later the officer approached the children and transported them to child protective services. The officer followed the directions that were given from the CPS and was told that they would contact the children’s parents. The children were not able to be returned home until they knew that the welfare of the children was safe. The officer tried sharing his homemade lunch but stopped when advised by the older child that they had food allergies. Child protective services voice that there is a state law where children under the age of 8 must be left with an adult who is at least 13 years of age. This law refers to the children only if he or she is in a building or car by him or herself. The people are also not sure whether this law pertains to the incident that has happened. The child protective services feel that children shouldn’t walk anywhere without adult

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