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PECULIAR FEATURES OF ABSENTEEISM On the basis of studies undertaken certain observations may be made: a) The rate of absenteeism is lowest on payday; it increases considerably on the days following the payment of wages and bonus. The level of absenteeism is comparatively high immediately after payday. When worker either feel like having a good time or in some other cases return home to their villages family and after a holiday, has also been found to be higher than that on normal days. b) Absenteeism is generally high workers below 25 years of age and those above 40. ―The younger employees are not regular and punctual‖. Presumably because of the employment of a large no. of new comers among the younger age groups, while the older people are…show more content…
As a result he is under constant strain, which cause him serious distress and impairs his efficiency. All these factors tend to persuade him to maintain his contacts with village. . 2) SOCIAL AND RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES Social and religious ceremonies divert workers from workers to social activities. In large number of cases incidence of absenteeism due to religious ceremonies is more than due to any other reason. 2) HOUSING CONDITIONS Workers also experience housing difficulties. Around 95% of housing occupied by industrial workers in India is unsatisfactory for healthful habitations. This leads to loss the interest in work. 4) INDUSTRIAL FATIGUE Low wages compel a worker to seek some part time job to earn some side income. This often result inconstant fatigue, which compels to remain absent for next day. 5) UNHEALTY WORKING CONDITION Irritating and intolerable working conditions exist in a factory. Heat, moisture, noise, vibration, bad lighting, dust fumes and overcrowding all these affect the workers health causing him to remain absent from work a long

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