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On Sunday eighteen in 2018 I visited the Museum of Fine Arts, the atmosphere of the museum was crowded than I expected for a Sunday. It is my fifth time in the Art Museum and did not realize different cultures that apply today in society. Furthermore, there was a fashion gallery showdown, the reason for a crowded atmosphere. The atmosphere was casual because the crowd dressed casually. As I was walking around the different exhibits I could hear people talk but it did not make the crowd noise. Although, a group reading a book of artwork, interpret what they read through the art displayed. The group was in the Indian exhibit in front of the artwork most known from the exhibit the three- dimensional aluminum objects. As I walked around the exhibits I felt comfortable in the museum’s atmosphere as it is normal for me to walk around and people to talk in a normal tone. I also felt comfortable because the halls of the exhibit were not full and therefore I could enjoy the art displayed and walk around without bumping into someone. 2) The artwork I most enjoyed is a painting by Franz X. Winterhalter, named Empress Eugenie because it displays a young woman as an easy-going person with no problems.…show more content…
Although I visit the museum various times, I never understood the connection of the artworks to the society. The outcome of my visit to the museum was that artists’ interest drives their movement or style. If I could go back in a different time and have done something different to enhance my visit to the museum, I would take a map to guide me through all the exhibits. Furthermore, I will consider returning to the Museum of Fine Arts in the future to appreciate new artwork by applying it to society. Moreover, I will advise my classmates to go to the art museum to enhance their understanding of different cultures which the artwork represents

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