Martin Luther's 1517 Protest Essay

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Suggest why Martin Luther’s 1517 protest over the sale of indulgences had, by the 1540s, led to the foundation of distinct Protest denominations in many areas of Europe. In this essay I will examine the fundamental role Martin Luther played in the protestant reformation. Primarily, I will analyse the role Martin Luther played in this movement and how his protest over the sale of indulgences resulted in a significant change in the history of Christianity. In addition, I will focus on the expansion of Protestantism and Protestant denominations across Europe during the 16th century. At the beginning of the 16th century, potent figures in the Western Church were crying out for a reformation. Churchmen criticised the administration and called for a reform within the church. The Catholic church was supreme and held great…show more content…
Significantly, the invention of the Printing Press played a paramount role during the Reformation. Fundamentally, the Printing Press enabled Luther’s views to be spread across Europe. Pamphlets were published with Luther’s views. In the early years of the Reformation, German-language printing presses published hundreds of pamphlets by Martin Luther. This outnumbered Catholic writers five to three and made up 20 percent of all pamphlets published between 1500 and 1530. Significantly, the invention of the printings press removed the control of written material from the church. The printing press allowed the spreading of views that were regarded as heretical. Notably, Luther’s 95 Thesis sparked contention towards the Church. Civilians had questioned the issues Luther addressed in his 95 Thesis but were not bold or daring enough to voice their perspectives on the matter. Therefore, Luther would become the face of the reform movement and represent the majority that shared in his disdain towards the Church. After archbishop Albrecht analysed 95 Thesis, they were forwarded to

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