Causes Of Juvenile Delinquency

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Your child's future is your harvest Despite the great technological advances visible today in all countries, the procedures for helping children and adolescents to become adults of good continue to constitute for the parent and the people who deal with the youth a problem to solve. If you look at the efforts of the professionals’ teachers, social workers, judges, psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists who try to find ways to prevent the misconduct of young people, those professionals cannot solve or circumscribe the problem of crime alone. Every citizen and every parent must participate in that task. And we must be interested in the youth itself, in the solution of what is fundamentally a problem of young people. I believe that the…show more content…
In the essay "What are the causes of juvenile delinquency" written by Mike Broemmel, explains as possible causes school such as absenteeism, unemployment, living in families unstructured, from early age children may be exposed to violent behaviors among the parents, severe punishment, frequent absence of the parent and lack of attention to the child, rejection and affective lack on the part of the parents, family disintegration, intimidating other students, missing classes, being aggressive or too introverted, not paying attention or exhibiting a lot of hyperactivity, manifesting learning problems and low school…show more content…
Although youth is more critical and less excited; It seems to have no clear projects or alternatives. It wants changes, but it does not see roads, because they are banned by the economic, political and social system in which they are

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