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House: Just Another Medical Drama? ‘House’, or ‘House, MD.’ was first aired in 2004, when television had already gotten used to medical dramas such as “ER” and “Scrubs”. While there didn’t seem to be anything innovative to bring to the subject, House brought a fresh perspective, and rapidly turned into a huge success. In this essay, I will be looking at the way that House was commissioned, brought into production, aired, and what elements factored in to its success and critical acclamation. 1. Synopsis The series revolves around Dr. Gregory House, and his team of doctors, Cameron, Chase, and Foreman, in the Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, as they solve strange medical cases. Each episode presents a new case that seems to have no explanation. Dr. House uses…show more content…
I then read the whole script and thought, 'F--- . . . he is the main guy."' (Laurie, 2007) Later, he also stated that he felt bad for being paid more than his father, Ran Laurie, who is a real doctor, just for impersonating one. He was reportedly paid $700,000 per episode. Other actors considered for the part include Denis Leary, David Cross, Rob Marrow, and Patrick Dempsey, who was later cast in another medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. For the part of Dr. Wilson, Robert Sean Leonard was cast, despite him claiming that his audition hadn’t been too good. At the time, he was also considering auditioning for the show Numbe3s, but picked House instead, because his character was less predominant in the series. Jennifer Morrison claims to have had a disastrous audition as well, but Singer had wanted to cast from the start after seeing her previous roles. Patrick Dempsey was also considered for the part of Dr. Robert Chase, before Jesse Spencer was cast, who managed to convince the producers to make his character

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