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Josh Porter 8th Grade English Mrs. King November 24,2015 The Battle of Bunker Hill “Don't fire till you see the whites of their eyes” is what William Prescott said at the Battle of Bunker Hill to his soldiers in 1775. The battle of bunker hill was on July 17, 1775 on the charlestown peninsula in the northern port in boston harbor. This was one of the first large battles in the revolutionary war. In this essay you will learn about bunker hill what caused it and what happened after the battle. The battles of bunker hill were a result of lexington and concord. The reason i say that is that the whole reason all these battles started was because of lexington and concord they were the first battles of the war. Another cause of the battle of bunker hill was that the americans were setting up…show more content…
The british defeated the army a couple of times and had a lot of people behind them but it was not enough for them to keep winning the fights and they lost a lot of support after losing a couple of times the colonist started to rally behind the americans and gain hope that they would win and not lose. The effect of the battle of bunker hill was that the Declaration of Independence because the americans wanted to be free from britain but the british saw the american colonies as a resource that would never run out and they would get all the stuff that the americans were using and never have to pay or trade with any other country to get the goods that they need to further their expansion. Another effect was that the british couldn’t tell the american colonists what they had to do or that they were in control. Those were the effects of the battle of bunker

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