Personal Essay: My Love For Chemistry

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Essay Growing up in a low income family with parents who have sacrificed everything to provide for me and my siblings has taught me to appreciate my education more than anything. Watching my parents having to wake up at 3 or 4 in the morning continued to motivate me to strive for a better education and always give it my everything in every class. I am one of those rare people who actually enjoys going to school and learning something new everyday. School is not hard for me because it is one of the few things that I actually love doing. Waking up every morning and knowing that I have so much to be grateful like the chance at a free education is what makes me appreciate school. All around the world there are kids who are willing to give anything to take my place and that it is one of the many…show more content…
The classes I seem to enjoy more than the others are history and chemistry. It is two of the classes that leave me wanting more and more information. My love for chemistry began when I took the class my sophomore year. It was such a captivating subject that it became my favorite class and the one I always looked forward to. When people would say they hated chemistry or that it was too hard I kinda too it personally because I didn't understand why anyone couldn't understand how magnificent chemistry is. My teacher at time Mr. Howden increased my knowledge everyday and made the class simple that I realized I wanted find a career that involved chemistry. I began watching youtube videos and watching the experiments that chemist did and the more I watched them the more I furthered my investigation of careers that require chemistry. A career that I found that involve chemistry was that of a forensic scientist. This is a career that I have really thought about not only because it involves chemistry but also because I am a person who always tries to help in whatever way

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