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What happens after a tragedy or natural disaster occurs? These unfortunate events have a perpetual list of negative consequences. However, one positive result is that all of these occurrences bring people closer together. There are innumerable instances of this throughout history and in our current day. In order to recover from any tragedy or disaster, people must work together to repair damage or improve conditions. Individual work will not accomplish much in these situations. But with an abundance of individuals that are willing to overlook differences and conflicts to work together, any tragedy or disaster can be overcome. There have been countless instances of this throughout history. Natural disasters account for many of these events…show more content…
Conditions that seem unbearable are gradually improved. Everyone is happy and satisfied once the job is done. The entire purpose of working together is to accomplish that goal. However, there are other hidden rewards as well. For example, working together brings people closer together. Spending that much time with people allows them to become closer friends. Furthermore, overcoming challenges with other people naturally causes them to grow closer. Sharing a common goal with people can motivate everyone to be willing to compromise and cooperate. Additionally, the task of solving a problem with other people helps everyone get to know and understand one another. Another outcome of working together is that it impacts society. I think that the numerous acts of kindness from all over the country inspires others to do the same. Everyone always enjoys hearing stories of people helping others. Also, I think that when such a multitude of people come together to help such a small amount of people, it reminds us of how close we are and that we are not alone. Another result of overcoming these challenges is that everyone is happy once it’s over with. Those receiving service are happy to have help recovering from the disaster, and others that give the service are happy to provide the aid. It even makes people that live far away happy as they hear of the good news. Because of these positive results,

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