Reflective Essay On Public Education

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I love to make a fool of myself by singing and dancing in front of the class. Every chance I get to praise a student with a song or silly dance move I do it. Any time I can find a rhyme or song to go with a standard I always try to fit it in my plans. Not every student enjoys it or learns from it but I want to try new, more engaging ways of teaching each standard. With as much technology and screen time students have now, it is much more difficult to keep attention. Throwing in curve balls every once in a while helps keep things fresh and new for kids. I worked with the vacation bible school group at my church the last few years teaching the children at Grace and some of the neighborhood kids some life lessons. At the same time we taught them some cooking skills and fed them. I really enjoyed working with the kids of different age groups and seeing how some of the older kids would step in and help the younger kids. I try to include some of these same ideals in the classroom but instead of older kids helping, students who understand quicker can help teach those who are struggling with a specific skill. It is great to see this age group when they can work together to complete a task or problem. I have also done some work with Feed the Children packaging boxes of essentials to send off to families in need. I am…show more content…
We are expecting children who may not even have a computer at home, or internet to compete against children who have technology at their fingertips all day, every day. In Elkhart community schools we are starting to bridge this gap by going 1 to 1 with IPADS by the end of the 2018-19 school year but is that enough? When these IPADS go home with kids, will they even be able to use the internet on them? Will they have to go to McDonalds to use the free wifi to be able to have internet access? Is that still fair to

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