Choosing A Feminist Odyssey

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In the essay Choosing Nursing a Feminist Odyssey, by Jan Oosting Kaminsky, the author gives her story of becoming a nurse, and her experiences after. She had an educational background of both nursing, and women’s studies and history, so she applied what she learned to understand how the nursing career was affected by the societal reform for feminism. The society that we used to live in, put a line between women and men in the work force. But, history gradually changed, soon women were allowed to work, and they saw a new world where they could accomplish new goals. We see evidence of it now because females and males are working in all kinds of jobs together. Kaminsky (2010) states how the feminist perspective came along to help change the nursing uniforms from skirts to scrub (p.101).…show more content…
Kaminsky (2010) explains that both the doctor and nurse effect the work area, they both have responsibilities, but they have to work together to be able to have a smooth working environment for patient care, or other needs (p.101). She has experienced this positive workflow between employees, but Kaminsky (2010) later points out how “the leader-follower structure of the physician giving orders and the nurse carrying them out has a distinctly gendered feeling” (p.101). The author unspecified whether the feeling is seeing the role as, a male doctor and female nurse, vice versa, or both. But, it seems like she is implying it to what the majority would think, which is the man leading the woman. It is hard to argue because of the different perspectives of people, but there should not be a gendered distinction between doctors or nurses. What would it matter if either gender had the authoritative or submissive role? They both would be as equally effective, and it would not be right to have a bias against certain genders because of what their occupation

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