Persuasive Essay On Shark Finning

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There has been a long time misconception on the threat that sharks have on humans. Originally developed after the release of the movie Jaws, the fear of being subject to a shark attack has escalated, causing humans to view sharks as an imminent threat to their lives. Due to their high status, sharks have been a desired delicacy for several years. Shark fins are mainly used in a popular Chinese dish known as shark fin soup, which originates back to Chinese emperors who saw it as an honorable and potentially healthy dish. Currently over 100 million sharks are being taken from the ocean each year due to shark hunting/finning (Shark Hunting – an Indiscriminate Trade). Drastically decreasing the amount of sharks can lead to a possible extinction which brings extreme danger to not only other marine life, but to humans and the overall ecosystem as well. Shark finning/hunting must be strictly prohibited to prevent an otherwise inevitable extinction of sharks.…show more content…
Apex predators are crucial to the life and well being of hundreds of different species, not just affecting those within the ecosystem. Loss of these predators can lead to the decline and even extinction of other very important marine species. Predators highly influence the overall health of the organisms in the ecosystem. Shark Savers, an organization designed to protect sharks from human threats states that “Predatory sharks prey on the sick and the weak members of their prey populations, and some also scavenge the sea floor to feed on dead carcasses.” Since these sharks feed on weak and diseased prey, they help prevent disease from spreading within the ocean, thus leading to an overall healthier ecosystem and prevents the spread of further

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