Low Carb Food Case Study

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Good, Low-Carb Foods to Keep in Your Pantry After you've eliminated all the bad carbs from your pantry, stock up on the following good carbs: Soy and Vegetable Proteins Beans and Legumes – Stock up on canned and dry versions. Always rinse canned beans and legumes in cold water before use to remove any added salt. Tofu – Although firm tofu has more protein, you should also keep softer versions on hand for recipes that require blending. These include recipes for sauces, soups, ice creams, puddings, and spreads. Tofu textures range from silken, soft, firm, and extra firm. Tempeh – This soy-based product is firm and has more protein, fiber, and calories than tofu. Use it as you would any meat substitute. Soy Protein Powder and Vegetable Protein…show more content…
Burger Crumbles – Use these like you would ground turkey, beef or chicken. Sandwich Slices – Use these slices the way you would meat-based cold cuts. Chicken Substitutes & Fish Substitutes – Avoid the breaded versions to keep the carbs as low as possible. Soy Burgers – Although burger crumbles can be shaped into burger patties, soy burger save prep time because they are already formed. Tofu Dogs & Vegetable Dogs – There are several varieties of tofu and vegetable dogs available, so read the ingredients to choose those with the fewest carbs. Seitan – This is a high-protein, wheat-based meat substitute that can be used instead of tofu. Seitan is good for those who don't have problems digesting gluten. Condiments, Spices & Seasoning Groups Salts & Peppers – Experiment with a variety of salts and peppers. Blended Seasonings – Select salt-free and salt-added versions of your favorites. Options include Mexican, Italian, Creole, French, Asian, Indian, Lemon-pepper and more. Soy Sauce or Worcestershire Sauce Cumin Oregano Garlic Onion Cilantro Ginger…show more content…
Canola Oil – Use this heart-healthy oil for baking, sauteing, and marinating. Grapeseed Oil – This oil contains vitamin E and is good for roasting, stir-frying and sauteing Peanut Oil – This oil contains healthy plant fats and is good for deep frying, roasting and sauteing. Coconut Oil – This oil helps control blood sugar and is good as a for cooking and as a butter substitute in baking. Palm Shortening – This shortening is made when the saturated fats are separated from palm oil. It's a good non-dairy butter-substitute. Apple Cider Vinegar Balsamic Vinegar Red Wine Vinegar Rice Vinegar You can also make your own flavored oils and vinegars by adding your desired spices and allowing the flavors to marinate for at least 24 hours before using. Other Good Carb Additions for Your Pantry Soy Flour – Use this for baking or to thicken sauces. Since soy flour doesn't bind well, combine it with whole wheat flour for the best results. Whole Grain Bread - Read the labels to make sure you buy low-carb, high-protein

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