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Community practice is a method by which people in the community work together to address issues they think are important and to achieve goals which they themselves have set. It is an ongoing process of linking with others, building relationships, standing together, making connections and creating change (Ingamells, 2010). Community practice is about connection and building bridges from one group to another from difference to solidarity. Community development empower communities to identify and address their own needs. This essay will explore my starting point for learning about community development and what I have learnt from the skills workshop. It will explain and critically reflect on the learning experienced including understanding of the skills, knowledge and values of community…show more content…
Community work, deliberately and strategically with a method that is safe, democratic, transparent, where agreements are mutual and people are central. Method is about the processes of walking in strategic pathways. It is a process of moving an issue from private to public within relationship and building community even whilst acting to achieve a goal (Daveson, 2000). The element of method is making connections, listening for key words to build action and dialogue. It is important to make connection in community practice because it see through the eyes of another to put aside the helper’s notion of what is to be done and truly understand the other’s point of view, and looking for and creating opportunities to build connection. On the other hand, dialogue is about engagement with another which means building the relationships with others by encouraging movements in the dialogue (Ingamells, 2010). The important task of the development worker is to hear and respond to the key words that have developmental

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