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Why It's Important to Know Your Foot Arch Type How much do you really pay attention to your feet and its health? While you know your feet help you get around and keep your body balanced while standing or moving, there's so much that a pair of feet contributes to your general health and well-being. Like most people, you probably don't concern yourself too much with the health of your feet until pain and discomfort become serious problems. You probably also don't consider that there's a science to choosing or buying the right shoes for your feet in relation to your foot arch type. According to experts from the College of Podiatry, 44 percent of people actually buy shoes that are too small for their foot size, while 24 percent of people wear…show more content…
Few people consider that aside from the size, the feet also bears your body weight and alignment, as well as serves as the body's shock absorber. These factors come should come into play when you're shoe shopping. What Is a Foot Arch? The main purpose of a foot arch is for your body to properly support your weight so that you can stand, walk and move. Two bones form the foot arch -- the tarsal and the metatarsal -- while the ligaments and tendons keep it strong and flexible. The anatomy of the foot arch determines the injuries or feet pain that might make you susceptible. Figuring Out Your Foot Arch Type If you know your foot arch type, then you can easily prevent the risks that comes with certain shoe designs. You can also avoid positions or movements that can cause problems or injuries on your feet that will temporarily make you…show more content…
Wet or moisten your feet and then walk all over these papers. You should get an imprint of your feet, and from there look for your foot arch type based on these descriptions below. Neutral foot arch - Everything from the heel, the arch, the ball of your foot to your big toe appear clear and visible. Your arch should at least be an inch wide. High arch foot (pes cavus) - The heel and ball of your foot look less visible and the arch might not even have any imprint on the paper no matter how hard you step down. In some cases, your foot's imprint might appear like a C, which indicates that most of your body weight is supported on your foot's lateral side or border, or what’s known as a supinated foot arch. Low arch foot (pes planus or flat foot) - A thicker and fuller imprint of your heel, arch and ball appear because most of your foot touches on the paper. Your arch will look wider than an inch if you have a flat foot. Choosing Shoes For Your Foot Arch Type If you have neutral foot arch: Most shoe designs fit well on a neutral foot arch type and if this is your category, then you won't likely have problems with friction or rubbing when you're wearing shoes. The pronation of your feet is also most natural and most

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