Career Transportation Logistician Analysis

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Being a career Transportation Logistician there are many things that can impact your success or failure, among those areas that can be tools to measure your success of failure is meeting deadline, suspenses and properly maintaining your stock control inventory. What I will explain and demonstrate in this essay will be the importance of Safety Stock to a Logistician. Safety stock in terms utilized by logisticians on all levels describes a level of extra stock that is maintained to mitigate risk of stockouts due to uncertainties in supply and demand. Basically it is a backup stock held in reserve to ensure the operation does not have a disturbance in the continuous flow of the operation. Adequate safety stock levels permit business operations…show more content…
(Donath, Institute of Management and Administration, August 2013 Second Edition). Another tool that is commonly used in the field of logistics is the Enterprise Resource Planning, there are numerous versions of software available within this category, Enterprise One is one of them, JD Edwards is another form of software that is commonly used for managing your logistics programs.(Rooney, C., & Bangert,C: Developing the Right Approach to Requirements Planning Under ERP. P 44-49) The main goal of safety stocks is to absorb the variability of the customer demand. The amount of safety stock an organization chooses to keep on hand can dramatically affect their business. The amount of safety stock an organization chooses to keep on hand can dramatically affect their business. Having too much of an inventory on hand can also create many problems, especially when it comes to an inventory that is either fragile, or time sensitive, meaning it has an expiration date. From the standpoint of a logistician, there is nothing worse than having an entire warehouse full of your stock that has an expiration date that is quickly approaching and you cannot move…show more content…
Your ability to accurately predict sales is vital, and has the biggest impact on just how much excess stock will be available at any given time. It is impossible to forecast orders with 100% accuracy, so it is essential to hold some stock as a safeguard to provide a buffer between what you have calculated and what the market sends your way. For businesses with dynamic product sales, safety stock is maintained as a cushion against any unexpected changes in demand. It also guards the business in case a supplier fails to deliver on time, or delivers a substandard

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