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The anonymous student author of “Oh, God, Where Are You Now?” analyzes both sides of the argument regarding technological advancement. The author’s purpose is to inform the reader and provide information about the potential threat of all forms of technology negatively affecting humanity. The author adopts an analytical tone in order to convince the audience to see the after effects of such advancements in our society. The author opens the essay by drawing and including a personal anecdote to hook the audience and illustrate the concept of singularity within the problem. His personal experience includes a conversation had with the author’s father. The author says “I called my dad and I told him what I had been reading about. I explained to him what the singularity was and listed off some of my ideas about its consequences. His response? ‘God would never let that happen’.” (1). The author explains the technological singularity, created by Ray Kurzweil, and how it “essentially describes what will happen when the computing power of a machine exceeds the computing power of the human brain” (2). Our student author includes examples of social media, including Facebook, and how it can be considered “the very…show more content…
He proves that the human brain is so impressionable, by introducing what is called Brain Generated Music, or BGM. BGM “essentially reads the brain activity and creates corresponding music to counteract brain activity to induce a state of relaxation analogous to a spiritual experience” (6). Kurzweil explains that there is a “tiny locus of nerve cells in the frontal lobe” that may “induce religious experiences.” (6). The author includes these examples in order to stress the utter ease at which our brains are impressed upon. He desires to further demonstrate the dangers of technological advancement by giving these

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