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Technology has become such a prominent part of peoples’ everyday life; no matter where you go, technology is present in some form or another. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are so common to the regular person that they are not looked at as technology but rather as a necessity that one cannot live without. As more and more variations of technology is produced such as smartwatches, self-driving cars, and video game consoles; we become infatuated with the idea of having these things in our lives. Whether or not these material items actually improve our lives is up to each individual to decide. That being said, I believe that technology has given us an alternative way of living life. For example, video games let people experience adventures or scenarios that normally they would never encounter. Players can go back in time, look different than what they actually do, or even be immortal. All these things are possible with the recent advancements technology has made. Game consoles have evolved greatly in the last decade, people can enter new realities, and even make a living…show more content…
Whether someone is looking to kill some spare time or take part in doing something new, technology such as video game consoles are a tool that is used for just that. Graphics and accessories that enhance the experience make gamers feel like they are taken into a new reality where they control their destiny. Competitive gaming has been a result of those who are exceptionally good at video games even giving the best a chance to profit of their skills. Although it is definitely an odd way to make money it is a trend that could very well continue with the number of children who are now growing up playing video games. Today’s society is full of technology that shapes our daily lives and the future is sure to bring new and improved things that will have an even greater

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