Summary Of Dogs And Monsters By Stanley Coren

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The essay “Dogs and Monsters,” by Stanley Coren discusses the relativity of dogs and technology. “Originally, [this essay was] published in Saturday Night magazine in May 2000” (pg.190.) Coren currently works at the University of British Columbia where his main focus is on prolific writing and research in psychology. Coren summarizes how dogs have been bred over time to adapt to the current technology available to people and it leaves the readers questioning how the process of a once important piece of technology has a become a luxurious companion. With raised fears about genetic engineering, his thesis statement demonstrates how useful and harmless bioengineering really is. Even though he has unsupported information through the essay, Corens approach is realistic and coherent. Although genetic manipulation is far from new, the process of bioengineered canines has begun at least 14,000 years ago. Coren elaborates the history of…show more content…
It reflects on the past and current technological advancements and how change is required to accommodate people's current needs. Like the The title “Dogs and Monsters” compares and contrasts people's perception and reality of bioengineering which Coren tries to play it off as being ok despite the controversy of meddling with “areas that should be left to god” (pg.191.) Even though he has published many academic and scientific articles related to dogs, Corens specialty is Psychology: not bioengineering. He has an interesting and convincing essay for any dog lover reading it, although it is not supported with legitimate resources making it bias. There are many benefits with the advancement in technology that ties in with the slight irony in this essay. People have become fearful and ignorant of meddling with the building blocks of life. Although, if it wasn’t for human innovation we wouldn't have duck retrievers, garbage disposal units and couch potato companionship with their lazy

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