Summary Of Coddling Of The American Mind By Greg Lukianoff

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Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haiot authors of The Coddling of The American Mind an article that was published by The Atlantic, in the article Lukianoff states that college kids these day have become too overly sensitive. The article provides several examples to that statement; one example would be a Professor from Northwestern University named Laura Kipnis, wrote an essay called The Chronicle of Higher Education which described a new campus politics of sexual paranoia. Shortly afterwards she was subjected to a long investigation due to those students who were offended by the article. Also due to college kid’s oversensitivity, they made a lot of guest comedic speakers refuse to come to their campuses; one guest comedic speaker named Jerry Seinfeld refused and said “too many of them can’t take a joke”.…show more content…
And the other one called vindictive protectiveness, which is in which everyone must think twice before speaking up; this came about due to and I quote lukianoff “ extraordinary fragility of the collegiate psyche, and therefore elevates the goal of protecting students from psychological harm.” The article then goes on to Lukianoffs background for his creditability, Lukianoff is a constitutional lawyer and the president and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, which defends free speech and academic freedom on campus, and is an advocate for students and faculty involved in many of the incidents this article describes. Then the article goes into the history on how the oversensitivity of college might have begun, Lukianoff states that it might have started with two generations the first being generation x and the second being

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