Summary Of A New SAT Aims To Reign With Schoolwork By Tamar Levin

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“A New SAT Aims to Realign With Schoolwork” written by Tamar Levin informs students about the new SAT and the general public about necessary changes given to the new exam. The College Board announced on Wednesday a reconsideration on ways to transform the test. This includes: ending the penalty for guessing wrong, cutting vocabulary words and making the essay optional. David Coleman, in partnership with Khan Academy Partnership, criticizes his own exam, which is what caused him to alter the SAT. David Coleman argues for the idea of the exam not being in high school curriculums. Individuals will only have to know common words such as, “empirical” and “synthesis.” The math section of the SAT is focused on: linear equations, functions and proportional thinking. The essay is optional and is recommended for students with higher writing capabilities.…show more content…
Additionally, the use of a calculator will no longer be allowed on some of the math sections. Scoring on these sections is now 1600 rather than 2400. The new SAT also can be taken on paper or computer. In 2005, Coleman had planned on changing the SAT along with the essay, which can now be written about reflections or personal opinions. Finally, the modified/new version of the SAT will be distributed in the spring of 2016. This decision took role at the College Board for a number of reasons. The modified SAT will show a profound number of individuals with decreased stress and anxiety. Coleman also wants students to move away from high school test-taking tricks. This test will test one’s ability that is strictly needed for college. The new SAT is coming and there are many changes being made that students should get adapted

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