To Be Human Essay: The Meaning Of Being Human

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The meaning behind being human is more than that it is to breath air and see beauty in all to be able to live on one of the only planets so far to have life and find our will. We are the only things that can feel how we feel see what we see. The question is yet so simple but very deep because there isnt one same answer to it and you can answer the question as deep as you want to. So, for me to takes to be human must have the ability to able communicate, has reason to live for, and emotions. The ability to communicate is one of the reason of what it means to be human, the meaning to be human to able tell what someone needs or thrives for to do. People don't see animals are humans, yes I agree they aren't physically human but they can also communicate just like us just that they don't have critical thinking. For example fishes can really communicate to everyone in the world, just their own kinds. While animals like dogs are human because they can tell what thy want and how bad they want it or etc…show more content…
We are able to make goals for ourselves and achieve them. Also important is we can distinguish right from wrong . In a way we are always learning which leads us to being the superior species on earth. The success of some can lead many others to either match or surpass prior achievements . Being human means we are in control of where our lives go. From a simple yes to dating someone to a more life changing decision. Every “ living” things has something to live for, mostly it's based on staying alive or family. But to be human is where when we set the reason why we are alive is more complex and yet deep

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