Postmodernism Queer Theory

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Essay 1 Masters and Johnson studied 694 participants of sexual act during the 1960s. This included intercourse and masturbation. This study was to understand what happens to a person before, during, and after these sexual acts. As a result of their study they created the four stages of sexual acts, they are excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. They also studied homosexuality as well as “found a way to cure it”. This study laid the foundations for postmodernism and queer theory. Master and Jonson’s major contribution to the study of sexuality was the four stages of sexual acts, old people have sex, and women orgasm. The good that came out of the four stages is that they gave a name for what happens during sexual acts. The bad is that…show more content…
They also contributed by understanding that sexuality is socially constructed. This goes back to the debate of biological vs. social. They understood sexuality is a natural force but it is also constrained by social norms people create, therefor sexuality is socially constructed. This is why most of society knows sexuality is socially constructed. As a result of this postmodernism emerged as well as the queer theory. Their research is similar to the research that is done today but with more ethics involved. This meaning they are not creating a time limit for each stage and not trying to “fix” homosexuality. Although there is new research going on the Masters and Johnson is still being used to understand sexuality, sexual acts, and how sexuality is socially constructed by…show more content…
It is knowledge that gives society something fundamental to regulate. “A policing of sex: that is, not the rigor of a taboo, but the necessity of regulating sex through useful and public discourse” (25). An example is The Farmhand where pedophilia becomes regulated. This also started in church confessions with sexual acts and forgiveness. Discourse is different and is excited different for everyone. Discourse influences out perception of sex and sexuality because of self-regulation and police. When discourse is done it is seen as progressive because we are sexually free in todays society. Although Society likes to believe they are progressive because they partake in discourse but by Foucault's ideas we still do not have discourse even though we do talk about sex. It only becomes progressive when we bring awareness to people (ex: free the nipple) even then we are deemed social deviants by other

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