Persuasive Essay On College Tuition

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Several highly intelligent students are being held back from reaching their full potential because of the amount of money available to them. Davidson explains the struggle students go through saying, “They need support. Coming from families and communities with few, if any, college graduates, they are poor and everyday have to calculate the trade off between education and bills” (Davidson Several students are suffering from other health problems such as anxiety and depression because of the high tuitions. When students add up how much money they have compared to how much they have to pay, it is a common reaction to be overwhelmed. This is due to the fact that they are expected to be able to support themselves and pay for college tuition simultaneously.…show more content…
some of the college tuition wasted on unnecessary amenities. In this case, schools have been raising tuitions so they can have more funding towards making the dorms and classrooms look nicer. While a clean school is important, students should be remunerated for solely necessities. In addition, as college prices rise, so do the stress levels. For example, many families take their whole life savings out of the bank in an effort to pay for their children’s college. Doing so causes an immense amount of financial stress. Nevertheless, for some families even this is not enough. On the contrary, students who do not get into college are forced to find another job that will support them, which is often far more difficult without a bachelor's degree. These levels of stress can take over a person’s life, causing them to lose their drive and focus, which effects their future even further. The future of a student should be based on his effort and intelligence, not which income quartile their family is a part

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