Advantages And Disadvantages Of Arranged Marriages

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In India, more than 90% weddings are arranged. It’s called “arranged” because the marriage is properly organized by two family members where they encourage two strangers, absolute strangers, to meet, sometimes once and sometimes more than once, and take the biggest decision of their life based only on those couple of meetings. And within next few days, you see them as a married couple. It might be fascinating to one and unusual to another. One mere thought of getting married to some stranger can give you nightmares. You might get plunged in uncertain thoughts – Is he “the one” for me? How can I marry someone whom I am not in love with? What will be my life after marriage? Will he be nice to me after marriage? And the list goes on. Getting such…show more content…
However, there is the thing. If his parents are demanding gifts in any form, help in arranging wedding ceremony, the most heard demand, and he doesn’t oppose at all, then BACK OFF. Seriously, it’s a big red flag. Generally, guys will put blame on his parents that they would not listen to him. You just stop putting any effort in convincing him and just don’t go for that proposal no matter what happens. Despite this if you go for such proposal it will only bring you regrets and nothing else. AND, that’s a serious indicator that he is a dead follower of his parents as well as money. Girl, take your stand, talk to your parents and reject the proposal. How are he and his family treating your family members? The marriage is not only bondage between a boy & a girl, but also unison of two families. If his family doesn’t pay a heed to this fact and act superior showing that they are from the groom side then take stand for your parents. Your parents and family has no reason to be less empowered for being a girl sider. If they want to make you a part of their family they should be paying the same respect to your family too. If not, then you know very what to do. Be vigilant till the day of

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