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What do you think about the relationship between music and our way of life? Obviously, many people are aware of the importance and benefits of the relationship. So, we are turning our attention more to music. Seen from today, professional musicians are accepted in society and make a lot of income when compared to the past. There are three remarkable reasons why playing and listening to music are not just for killing free time; namely, playing and listening to music can be used as an occupation, we can apply it for music therapy and it can gives us more experiences. Firstly, playing music can make money for the player and might change into a career. Expressly, the main job we can have is professional musicians. Apart from that, if we have excellent…show more content…
Moreover, they think playing music is a chance can gives them to go to travel. It is well known, that playing music is not just in one place, but they can move to other locations. Absolutely, they just think that playing and listening to music are just activities to help them pass the free time, and play it just for a hobby, and that makes them joyful and relaxed. As most people know, music is useful and extremely important in our life. Although some people think playing to music is just for putting them have at ease, but in fact it gives us learning more experiences. Similarly, they trust it makes them have new society because they believe playing music gives them an opportunity to travel and meet many people, actually this is not the main reason why people are interested in playing and listening to music. Definitely, the significant objective of playing and listening to music is take our abilities into a career, take advantage of it to help other people, and create experiences to develop oneself. So, playing and listening to music is useful for everyone. It is not just for killing free

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