Reflection Paper On Failure

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Final Paper One of the most important things that I have learned over this semester is that failure is not to be feared, but respected. And the reason I am beginning this paper with this sentence is because everything that I mention with respect to failure will be linked closely to this idea of respecting failure. My paper will be divided into three parts. The first part will be an analysis of my three scouting reports and what lessons about failure I learned through them. The second part will be a summary of my current understanding of failure from what I have learned through this semester. The third and final part will include my suggestions to students on how to deal with and utilize failure and an explanation as to why those suggestions…show more content…
Consider a situation where you are answer a question with four answer choices. You don’t know the answer for sure, but for several reasons you feel that option A is the correct answer. You may be inclined to believe that the chances that you will get the answer correct are only 25%, but in reality, depending on how strong your intuition about that answer choice is, the odds of you getting it right are greater. Now, while this still does not guarantee success, it most definitely reduces the chances of failure. The second lesson this scouting report taught me was about the importance of team dynamics in avoiding and dealing with failure. Consider an extreme scenario where employees solely focus on their own work. If an organization is operating at this end, there are pros and cons. It will obviously make the organization more efficient because the employees are maximizing their potential on topics they are the best at, but as we discussed previously, it significantly reduces the team’s ability to make a collective informed decision when failure does come. What organizations therefore require is some degree of balance between these two things, and that is likely to make the organization best prepared for recognizing failure and dealing with failure once it does
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