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Ever since I was little I was extremely moved by music, music was all around me and I not only heard it, but I felt it and saw it as well, it reached me through many of my senses, it fascinated me, inspired me, I found that it was an amazing escape and extremely open to individual interpretation, it moved and shifted my perceptions. It still does. Music was and is a part of everyday life. Whenever people come together for any reason music is there, weddings, funerals, graduations, a night out with friends a romantic dinner as well as sporting events to name a few, we all have a soundtrack to our lives. My interest and experiences with music and art has lead in the direction of visual music. Visual music is the use of musical structures…show more content…
According to Newton the distribution of white light in a spectrum of colours is analogous to the musical distribution of tones in an octave. He identified seven discrete light entities, which he then matched to the seven discrete notes of an…show more content…
As the harmony or dissonance of sound proceeds from the proportions of vibrations in the air, the harmony of some colours like gold and blue proceeds from the proportions of ethereal vibrations. The music and art connection can be best described in the late nineteenth century idea of synesthesia or the blending of the senses, the sensory perception of one kind can manifest itself as a sensory perception of another. It can be thought of as senses coming together. It means that when a certain sense or part of a sense is activated, another unrelated sense or part of a sense is activated concurrently. For example when someone hears a sound he or she immediately sees a colour or shape in his or her mind’s eye. When listening to music or hearing various sounds, I sometimes experience this, musical structures become visible and real to me, sometimes pattern and textures unfold and certain colours are seen in my mind’s eye when listening to the different tones, melodies and

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