What Is True Happiness Essay

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Trying to describe happiness to anyone, would be like trying to to describe what a tree looks like to a blind person. The point is, that it would be almost impossible to describe happiness using words. Although many say that the impossible is, well just that impossible. Throughout history humans have never stopped trying to prove that the impossible is possible. So although it's not flying the first person to space, or building the world's first time machine, the purpose of this essay will be to try and do the impossible and describe what true happiness is. Examples such dogs, thunderstorms, and good music will be used to try and describe the feeling of happiness. When most people think of a dog, there is rarely any times when someone sees a dog as evil or bad. Normally when thinking of a dog, people will think of a smiling, agile, ball of fur that is always happy to see their owner even on the darkest…show more content…
Many people can most likely agree that by just being able to listen to some good jams while doing something like dull and boring work (like writing an essay) can help de-stress you and even make the most boring work seem a little fun. Another thing about music is that most of the time you can control the volume of the song that is playing, this means that if at any time you are especially stressed you can put on a good song a turn the volume up as loud as it goes making it seem as if the music is able for a brief period of time drown out all the problems in your life. Another thing about music is, that no matter the type of person that you are there is always a genre of music that you will like since there are hundreds maybe thousands of different genres of music ranging from reggae to hip-hop. From classic rock to country, finding a feeling of true happiness in music is always
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