Essay About Listening Music While Study

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Hello and good morning. First, all of you like music? I think most of us like listening music because today’s music had influent many people no matter young people or adult. Most student’s also had choose music as an effective way to help them in study and some of them also said that music lead them to better result and more smart in doing the work. So, because of it I agree that student can listening on music while study or while doing work because it is the best way to help student more concentrate on their study and I suggest that for those who never try listening music while study, they should try it because it give many benefit. Listening music while study give more benefit which is nobody can distract them, is one of an effective way to reduce stress and help them in improve their brain performance. First of all, listen to music while study give benefit like nobody can distract them. These things can help them be more focus on their study or work. Stailey said that “I don’t like the quiet or when people disrupt the quiet even by walking in, I tend to look up and see who it is and then I have to try to get back into the mode of studying. When I’m listening to music I can stay in my groove”. Then, it also help them to avoid from noisy around them or avoid…show more content…
Music is good things for students because its helps them in face any kind of stress or pressure and also listening music while study give many benefit to all students like nobody can distract them while study, one of an effective way to reduce their stress and help them in improve their brain performance and productivity. So, because of it I strongly argue that listening music while study good for everyone and I suggest to all students that they should try listening music while study because it can help them to be more focus on their study and so can improve their performance and productivity. Thank
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