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Rap Music Amongst the Youth Rap music is evolving year in and year out, becoming one of the most listened to and followed music genres amongst our youth. There have been many controversial arguments over whether or not this type of music has a negative or positive influence on the youth society. While many rap songs contain profanity and represent violence, rap is commonly misunderstood. On the surface, rap lyrics may seem harsh or even degrading, but if you listen closely and to the song as a whole, the lyrics typically tell a story and have a deeper meaning. Some songs have even been linked to youth beating depression. This genre of music should not be viewed as anything other than entertainment, like all music genres. It’s my belief that rap music has a positive influence on youth considering the research and influence it has had on myself. Rap has been a growing industry for a long time now, and will continue to grow as long as music exists. At the beginning, rap music was primarily listened to by African Americans, but since its’ explosion, it has spread throughout the world and has all kinds of different followers…show more content…
However, more songs than people know actually chastise violence and propose solutions. Once again, an outside listener would never pick this up, while avid listeners pick it up right away. Jackson, later in her article, goes on to say how listening to rap helps develop greater awareness on adult matters. Anything that prepares youth for adulthood is a good thing. Since rap music brings awareness to youth of real world problems, I am a firm believer that this genre of music is more helpful than harmful. It prepares youth for adulthood, and doesn’t hide the actual problems within the world. The more someone listens, the more educated they can get on issues regarding race, sex, religion, and essentially all aspects of
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