Watershed Management Literature Review

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2. Review of Literature 2.1 Integrated watershed management Watershed management is the process of organizing and guiding land, water, and other natural resources used in a watershed to provide the appropriate goods and services while mitigating the impact on the soil and watershed resources. It involves socio-economic, human-institutional, and biophysical inter-relationships among soil, water, and land use and the connection between upland and downstream areas (Ffolliott et al., 2002). In essence, it is resource management with the watershed as the basic organizing unit. Watershed management carries out number of activities with an integrated approach addressing proper land use, protecting lands from all forms of degradation, building and…show more content…
For substantial progress to be made, the stakeholder participation needs to be active and effective. Enabling effective participation of stakeholders requires methodological innovations for ensuring effective representation in decision-making at watershed level by blending the “integration” and “participation” approaches. In this context “integration” and “participation” are two approaches that feature in watershed-level work as a result of the synergies fostered between social, biophysical and policy innovations on the one hand, and efforts to systematically identify and integrate diverse interest groups in the innovation process on the other (German et al.,…show more content…
Sustainable utilization and management of resources and the environment is the key to watershed management (Wagner et al., 2002; Sungjun, 2007; Davenport and Seekamp, 2013). Additionally, an equitable partnership between stakeholders is a crucial component to watershed management (Davenport and Seekamp, 2013; Mutekanga et al., 2013; Manuelli et al., 2014). Now, sustainable watershed management has become a common process, and sustainability guidelines on watershed management are available for industrialized, newly industrialized, and developing countries to generate better, more locally specific, watershed management

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