Huckleberry Finn Compare And Contrast

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Hi I’m Abel and I’m going to be writing an essay that is going to be comparing me and Huckleberry Finn. I chose Huckleberry Finn not only because he is the main character but because he would be a very easy comparison to do. Some comparisons that me and Huck have is that we are both males. Some other comparisons are that we both are intrigued by things around us. Like how he explored the ships that were left unattended or it was shipwrecked. I like going through ruined places mainly becasuse a sense of curiosity is always fun to have. Another comparison is that we both are adventurous. I love discovering new things around my home or in weird new places. Huck tried to discover as much things that he found interesting. I like to pretend to be something that im not. Huck pretended to be a lost boy and even a girl. Another thing is that I’m not a religious person like Huck. I also don’t like very fancy clothing, like they are very uncomfortable.…show more content…
An example is that I really like school. It teaches me new things that I would like to use in the future. Huck on the other hand doesn’t like school. He doesn’t like learning things that he doesn’t have a clue for. His time of life was more difficult that it is now. People were kept as slaves. Huck was helping one escape because they were going to the same place as he was. I haven’t helped someone escape from something, unlike Huck. Huck’s ways of transportation were a lot different than today’s ways of transportation. He traveled from a raft to his destination using the Mississippi River. Today in modern times we can use motor boats to get to our
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