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As I walk down the incredibly busy pedestrian street, I hear constant noise, not exactly from construction, but of vendors screaming at the top of their lungs trying to sell their goods. The strong smell of fresh fish from the fish market seems as if we are close to the sea. There are dozens of restaurants, street performers, gift shops and trees lined up a few feet apart stretching down the entire walkway. Every corner there is either an old Roman building, or an extremely intricate Gaudi building that will inspire anybody. There are probably thousands of people walking down this one street at once, either shopping, or just going for a leisurely walk. The Ramblas connects the modern Placa de Catalyna to the Christopher Columbus Monument. This…show more content…
With the extremely narrow streets, to its stone paved roads and buildings, one can truly experience an old city. As we turn the corner and reach the old main square we see an old Barcelona cathedral. There lies an old Roman wall that courses off of the cathedral’s side. The outside of the building is of traditional gothic architecture that can be seen in most European cities that are older than a thousand years. The facades and the spires of the cathedral leave visitors in awe. We enter the massive doors which lead into the cathedral. As we enter the cathedral we instantly turned our attention to the beautiful windows, massive alter, and marble arches. We course down the side of the cathedral where there are several chapels that subject to their respective saint. For every chapel, there are dozens of candles lit possibly for respecting the dead, or the saint. The candles fill the inner cathedral with a burning aroma. After a lap around the outer sides of the cathedral our notice goes to the inner area of the cathedral. Three inner isles lead to the raised altar-piece, and a view of the crypt. The altar-piece is layered with gold décor, ornaments and large candles. Prominent Catalonians are buried

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